Isaac Stahl

My name is Isaac Stahl, I founded the project Squash Squash oh my Gosh to create music and video about gardening, nutrition, and environmental science. I work with volunteer musicians, actors, and producers to create these products. I also teach preschool, focusing on gardening, yoga, music, nutrition, and group games. I grew up in the woods of North Carolina and Developed a love for the natural environment. I've enjoyed working with kids in a variety of settings.

Emily Ravenscraft

Emily is a classically trained violinist that performs on the album Squash Squash oh my Gosh. She currently plays in the Seattle philharmonic.

Josh Watts

Josh Watts plays piano for church groups and had served his community as a pastor. In the past, Josh has founded his own churches.

Joe Dillon

Joe is a computer programer, project manager, studio engineer, and the producer of various albums. Joe volunteered studio time, production time, and in general expertise to this project