• Baby carrot seedlings for the fall! #kidsgarden

    September 22

  • The snow peas are four ft tall now!! They have their first, purple flowers. Carrots planted at their feet. Kids love peas and carrots!! #peasandcarrots #kidsgarden #childrensmusic #snowpeas

    May 12

  • Happy #earthday

    April 22

  • April 18

  • I’m singing the song “Poke a Hole and Plant a Seed” as we prepare to plant spinach seeds. All the music is at Squashsquashohmygosh.com #childrensmusic #gardeningwithkids #spinachgrowing #gardenmusic

    April 14

  • Do plants have hands? Snow pea plants do. Little hands helping little hands grow up #kidsgarden #gardeningwithkids

    April 11

  • Stopping to smell the... Peach tulips #kidsgarden

    April 09

  • A year ago I had just built my newest garden for kids with lots of parent volunteers. It's grown a lot of plants since then.

    April 08

  • Today in the kid's garden, taking a closer look at flowers and giving the snow peas a helping hand finding the trellis

    April 07

  • The kids and me are growing a great garden and singing lots of my garden songs! @squashohmygosh #childrensmusic #gardeningwithkids

    April 06